Why choose Floorgear Carpet Gripper?

At Puretree Carpets we have decades of experience supplying carpet gripper to the professional carpet trade, which is why we can confidently say, we only supply the very best - True Grip Carpet Gripper.

Floorgear Carpet Gripper has been designed with performance and the professional installer from the outset.

Unlike other carpet grippers, the Floorgear Classic Gripper is 22mm wide – up to 10% wider than other brands and the Floorgear Premium Gripper is 25mm wide. This wider gripper not only means the pins and fixing nails are further from the wall, making it easier to install the carpet without damaging skirting boards and wall but also gives us the space to have 79 pins per 1.5m length compared to 70 pins or less for inferior grippers. Ultimately this gives greater holding power – more than enough for the toughest woven and patterned carpets.

The difference isn’t just limited to the size either, Floorgear Premium Gripper is manufactured with 11 fixing nails per 1.5m length ensuring the gripper is fixed tighter to the floor allowing for more tension and negating the need for additional glue or fixings.



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